XHY home automation system features

Everything is geting more and more smarter in days, include your intrusion alarm, window, lights, TV/AC, locks.

There are lots of home automation system in the markets, provide same functions for your house, such as: turn on your lights, window, TV and AC via mobile phone, pad.? Basicly, you need to find mobile phone and launch the APP and find the light switches icon in APP and tap. Does it sound more complicated than just press the light switches button?

That’s not smarter, but drived people to crazy.

What we need is that let’s enjoy the life, enjoy the future.

XHY home automation system provide a better solutions for you, you only need to press one button on the switches that you can mount it in wall or desk to control all.

For example, when you get up in the moring, press one button to turn on the lights, open the curtain and? turn on the speaker to enjoy music.

When you away home to work, just press away button to turn off the music, turn off the lights, close the window and lock you door well.? You don’t need to warry anything in house, because the intrusion alarm system will keep the house safe.

Those are the basic functions for XHY home automation system. We have more…..

Have you ever warried what if there haven’t any internet?

Home automation system are useless….. No, that’s not us. XHY home automation system still keep your house safe, it won’t trap you in the house. XHY home automation system can work in LAN.

If it is not good enough for you and you want more, please contact with us. We have many functions waiting for you.