Smart Home System

Xsmart series is newly released by Xinghuoyuan Intelligence in 2015. It includes smart control center, smart devices, server platform and client application. Xsmart system adopts the reliable ZigBee communication protocol, supplemented with others, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. ZigBee protocol can realize the highly effective communication among smart devices with little power consumption. The smart control center also works as a router providing extra Internet access to multiple clients in a family. Xsmart devices include intelligent video surveillance, infrared detector, switch, socket, door/window sensor, motor control (intelligent control of curtain, door and window), lock, smoke alarm, thermostat, infrared transponder, etc.

Xsmart series is designed for using in a smart home, villa, hotel, community, etc. This series can bring you a smarter life and make you feel like living in Mars!