XHY Showroom introduction

XHY intelligence showroon
XHY intelligence showroon

This is the showroom we builded at Shenzhen office. The main porpuse of the showroom is to exhibit what zigbee home automation system can do for your house.

1. Door

Smart door lock had been mounted, user can remote control it via APP, open close via finger print, passcode, card and keys. In the APP, it provide logs for user to check also.

2. Gateway

We put the gateway between bed and sofa, because it’s the good position for signal transmittion. User would have good wifi signal both in bedroom and living room.

3. Dimmer

There are two pcs dimmers in showroom, first one is installed near to TV area, user maybe need different atmosphere to watch different movies. Second one is intalled in living room ( Sofa area), when we have visiter or party, it will be very useful.

4. Relay

We used 10pcs relay in showroon for bathroom lights, bar light, bedroom light, living room lights, closet light, backgroud lights.? User maybe doesn’t need too many relays, so we provide three different types relays for optional.? The design concept is same with dimmer, we can create various atomsphere based on demands.

5. Socket

3pcs sockets we used in showroom for table lamp, coffee machine, owen. Actually, it can be used for wash machine also. But our boss doesn’t want to see that staff wash clothes in office.

6. Curtain motor and trail

We used one pc curtain motor and 2 pairs curtain trail for the big windows. As you see, it’s not easy job to pull on/off curtains by hands everyday.

7. Remote controller

It’s available for TV/AC to turn on/off. Open/close curtian, turn on/off lights. If you are tired to stare tablelt or mobile phone everyday, remote controller is best choice. And what if your house without any internet? You can’t control all devices by APP, remote controller is the best way to sovle this problem.

8. Multi-Sensor

We mounted 2pcs motion sensors on door, window; and set program for the sensor on door. The program details:? when someone into the door and triggered the sensor, then the lights in living room will turn on automaticlly. Triggered again to turn off lights automaticlly.? You can set trigger conditions by yourself in APP too. E.g.: if anyone broked window glass into house, multi-sensor alert user via app, warm breaker via alarm beep sound, or turn on all lights in night.

9. SOS button

The design concept is almost same with multi-sensor, becuase it belong to intrusion alarm system. Gas detector, infrared detector, open/closed detector are parts of intrusion alarm system.

10. PTZ Camera

There are two pcs camera, one mounted near to door, another mounted near to bedroom (baby monitor). You can check the video anytime, monitor your house anywhere.

11. Scence control

You can control many devices (e.g. lights, curtain, TV, AC) by one botton, you can program it with In home mode and Away home mode.

If you want more than that, please contact with us free.