SparxSmart Design Contest 2015

Here is the link for a full text for the contest that is public on Google Drive

Tell me about the concept behind the smart systems? 

Imagine that you are on your way home and you want to adjust the temperature before you get home or turn on the lights or feed your dog, make coffee, play music or unlock your garage door. You reach for your smart phone, open a SparxSmart app and you do your smart thing. Or imagine that you go on vacation and realize that you forgot to turn off the AC (like me). You simply reach for your smart phone, click and voila! You’ve just saved yourself $200 and also saved the environment from adding redundant carbon emissions.

Now, imagine the future – your house learns from you what you like and so when you arrive home, it  greets you and adjusts your living space, just the way you like it.

Once integrated in our daily lives, SparxSmart offers convenience, security, energy saving and intelligence. Our spaces of the future will be responsive, adjustable, dynamic and will evolve, wherever we are.

Say hello to Sparx, Say hello to the Future!

What are you asked to design?  

Surprise us! Design products that will blow our minds!

Design products that people will get addicted to.

Design products that will make you, our customers and us proud…

…but please keep in mind that the competition is not about a conceptual design of products that will be in some glossy magazine. It’s about envisioning real solutions that can be manufactured…in millions of pieces. Design wisely! 

The SparxSmart Design Contest is about the design of 6 products for a SparxSmart Pet Kit. We request the design of ALL 6 items. The Sparx Smart Pet Kit includes:

  • Hub (Control Center)
  • Pet Feeder
  • Pet Tracker
  • Camera
  • Motion sensor
  • Product of your choice – consider this as an open topic. Think about what pet owners would love to have to make their life simpler.

How to enter the contest 

First, check your eligibility:

  • Register with us first – send us a short e-mail with your name & contact. We will send you back the confirmation e-mail.
  • Are you above 21 years of age?
  • Are you male or female or not sure?
  • Are you creative?
  • Are you human?
  • Do you want to see your design succeed in the market?

If you have answered all of the above with a YES, then congrads – you are eligible! Please proceed with the reading.

How can I participate? 

  • You can apply as an individual, however we encourage to team up – max 3 people per team.
  • You can consult as many people as you like, but we can only offer prizes for up to 3 people per team
  • Each team can submit up to maximum 2 proposals

How much time do I have

Launching 13th of July 2015 – register by sending your name and contact on
Submission deadline 10th of September 2015, by 6 p.m. GMT +8 time.
Contest Jury 12th of September 2015 in our Shenzhen offices
Announcement of 10 finalists 14th of September 2015 by 6 p.m. GMT +8 timeWe will notify you by email. Please make sure you give us at least two email addresses to reach you.
Interviews of 10 finalists 15-18th of September 2015 by Skype, by 6 p.m. GMT +8 timeYes, we need to make sure we have the right energies to work together for at least 3 months – possibly more.
Announcement of the winners 21st of September 2015 by 6 p.m. GMT +8 timeWe will notify you by email. Please make sure you give us at least two email addresses to reach you.
Exhibition 23th – 25th  September 2015Finalist’s work will be exhibited at our booth no. B45 at Shanghai’s Intelligent Building Expo 2015. Finalists will receive a certificate for the TOP 10 best designs by XHY Intelligence company.
Mock-up & Exhibition 11th – 14th of October 2015Finalist will have a mock up ready and it will be exhibited at our booth no. 2N06 at Hong Kong’s Electronic Fair, AsiaExpo.
Social media August – October 2015We will promote your work through social media to evaluate people’s response and their favorite solutions (it’s not a public voting, just an indication of how people respond to your proposed solution)

How do I submit my entry?

Contest entry submission materials include:

  • Visuals :
    1. a) One (1) poster size B1 (70×100 cm) that contains all the graphics and explanations for the concept and products.
  1. Two (2) additional renderings size B1 (70×100) to supplement the poster with additional drawings and graphic explanations about proposed products, its concept, design, form, parts and details.

File guidelines and limitations :

  • Maximum e-mail with all attachments: 20 Mb in total.
  • File formats : .pdf
  • Resolution of 300dpi
  • Submit explanatory text of the concept :
  • Up to two (2) pages size A4 (21×29.6cm portrait)
  • Concept explanation up to 200 words in English
  • You may include images or diagrams, but take care of maximum e-mail size
  • Participants full details: Full name, profession, telephone number, Skype ID (if you have) and two (2) functioning e-mail addresses.
  • Video: We encourage you to make a short video, no longer than 1 minute, upload it on YouTube and send us the link, in the explanatory text. The video is not obligatory, but it will help us understand your design better and will show us more of your creativity. Therefore, we encourage you to do it.

    Please submit your entry by e-mail  to :

What’s in it for me?

Winners will be granted products, ca$h or 3 months paid project experience in the heart of fast paced, start up, crazy, innovation-thirsty city of Shenzhen, China. We leave open the possibility of offering you a full- time employment at our company XHY Intelligence.

Prizes are:

  • WINNERS – Mind-blowing SmartSparx (maximum 3 people) :

A unique opportunity to work with us for 3 months, including

  • 3 round trip tickets to Shenzhen
  • Accommodation for 3 for 3 months
  • 7000 CNY (equivalent of 1000 EUR or 1120 USD) monthly compensation, per person for 3 months in our company XHY Intelligence in innovation city of Shenzhen, China.
  • We leave open the possibility of offering you a full time job after 3 months ‘trial’ period
  • We leave open the possibility of offering you freelance work
  • 2nd RUNNER UPs – Super Smart Sparx (maximum 3 people) :
  • 10,500 CNY (equivalent of 1500 EUR or 1680 USD) per team + a full-scale model of your submission SparxSmart Pet Kit (once manufactured)
  • If we like your design, we leave open the possibility of offering you freelance work
  • 3rd RUNNER UP – Smart Sparx (maximum 3 people)  :
  • A full-scale model of your submission SparxSmart Pet Kit (once manufactured) 

What are we looking for in your design submission?  

Evaluation elements are:

  • Innovative – 20%

While you research for your design, you will notice that there are many producers with almost identical products. We expect to understand from your design what makes it innovative and what makes it different from other competing products on the market.

  • Viability for mass production – 20%

Yes, you guessed it right. We are interested to develop products for mass production. When you do your research, try to ask the right questions. For example, why are all the control centers in the market of a certain form and size? There should be a good reason why. Analyze the trends – for example,

environmental sensors are designed to have multiple functions, such as smoke detection, humidity and temperature sensors.

  • Aesthetics – 20%

Design should have high aesthetics and fit beautifully in a variety of interiors.

  • Intuition – 20%

We know you can design differently, but the design has to be also intuitive for end user. We don’t expect people to read manuals before they start using the system. Who reads manuals anyway? 

  • Addictive (special ingredient) – 20%

We want people to have the feeling that they own something extremely special and beautiful – something like a piece of art, an amazing device that people will want to tell their friends about it and can’t wait to wake up in the morning to experience it.  

Who will be rating your design submission?

  • Public response: We will upload the solutions and you can invite your friends to have a look.  You and your friends can post comments and like their favorite submissions. This is not a public voting, but will be an indication for us what people like. These are our social networks :


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  • Our company XHY Intelligent Technology team of experts : 60%
  • Our international Professional Design Jury : 40 % 

Who is the Pro Design Jury? 

Marko Stanojevic

IMG_2067 bw-small


He has been working as a professional creative in the design field since 1994. Avoiding to be narrowly categorized within traditional boundaries of design disciplines, works between fields of product design, branding, communication and graphic design, and product-service system design. After working as a freelancer and in a number of studios and companies in Italy and Serbia and winning international awards, in 2009 has started his own studio ‘Bureau Zero’ providing services to clients and running a small product line under the same name which represents studio’s creative philosophy of rational design and Spartan aesthetics of functionality applied in a holistic manner.          Other than dealing with design directly he has been teaching part time, full time or as an external expert since 2007 at universities in Milano and Belgrade, and organizing and conducting workshops on design. Most recently, in 2014, he was appointed full time at the School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Clément Coletto




After graduating with the highest level of distinction the “École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” (Strasbourg – France) in Product Design, Clément worked for BETC Design agency in Paris, France. Clément Coletto returned to China in 2012, 5 years after his first Chinese experience in Dongguan. Clément is currently working as Design Manager and Creative Consultant in Shenzhen on a wide range of products for several customers in the Asian market. In this competitive playground with a lot at stake, Clément hopes to bring a new sensitivity and more care in the energy stewardship, aiming to make mass production products  more responsive in terms of economy, environment and human centered. His work includes furniture design for hotels on Guam and Saipan islands (US territories) and displays for major European brands (TEFAL, Vahiné, Lagostina, Blédina, etc.).In addition to his professional duties, Clément lectures, organizes design summer classes and acts as a design tutor for students of European art schools during their diploma preparation.


Elias Messinas

Int’l. Assoc.AIA

Founding Chairman of ECOWEEK

ecoweek ceo



Elias Messinas is a Consultant of SparxSmart Design Contest 2015 Elias has been involved in sustainability issues since 1993. Elias is a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, Environmental Design Dept. of Bezalel Academy, and holds a doctorate from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).  In 1993 Elias conducted research on passive-solar retrofits in existing buildings at the Desert Architecture Unit at Ben Gurion University in Israel, and in 2005 he attended the M.Sc. on ‘Environment and Development’ at NTUA. Elias teaches interior design with a sustainability agenda at the Holon Institute of Technology and is the author of numerous articles and two books on Architecture. 

Elias is the founding chairman and coordinator of ECOWEEK, which was established in 2005 in Greece with the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote sustainability through design. ECOWEEK organizes among other activity international conferences and design workshops for young architects and designers in more than 15 countries, offering innovative solutions that benefit the local economy and community and promote sustainability. ECOWEEK has an international network of members in 53 countries.


Why should I participate? 

  • It’s free and rewarding – We don’t charge participation fees like most contests do, but we offer cool prizes and experience
  • It’s fun! You can have your friends vote for the best design as an indication for us.
  • Your work will be out in the real world! We intend to promote and share your work on our social platforms, international expos and your work will become known to potential clients and employers.
  • You will strengthen your resume and professional experience…

…and therefore your prospects and credentials

  • - It’s challenging! You are asked to develop your problem solving skills AND to design something that nobody else has thought of AND to make it viable for mass production.
  • If you are a good designer we might contact you with business offers
  • Develops your problem solving skills – how to design something that nobody else has AND is viable for production.
  • The winning team will be directly involved in the manufacturing of your idea, in a 100,000 sqm of factory floor area, watching your vision take form into a commercial product. Can it get more satisfying than that?

Who are we?

XHY Intelligence is a IoT (Internet of Things) company which deals with the development and manufacturing of smart devices, systems and solutions. Our mission is to provide products that lead to a better, easier, smarter, more secure and more sustainable lifestyle. We adjust people’s needs, their habits and provide the best and the simplest solution. XHY Intelligence is a part of the Xinghuoyuan (XHY) Group of Companies that employs over 2000 people. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the city of innovation in Asia-Pacific, the company has branches in Qingdao and Japan.

Is there any fine print?

  • By submitting an entry, entrants agree to the rules of the contest and they declare to their best of their knowledge that: (1) they are the required age (2) their entry is an original idea; (3) they are either author or are authorized by the owner of the design to enter the design in the contest; and that (4) their contest entry does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • The winning teams agree to register and transfer all copyright of their design to XHY Intelligence. The winning teams agree to be allowed to utilize their winning entry for portfolio purposes only. They also agree that no commercial or other usage of the winning entry by the team or any third party is allowed without the prior written consent of XHY Intelligence.
  • The teams of all non-winning competition entries retain the full ownership of intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • With their entry to the contest, all teams grant XHY Intelligence the right to use, publish and promote the work of the competition submissions for marketing purposes. The manufacturing of a product based on a competition entry will be done only with the prior written approval of the design team.
  • By participating, each participant is granting a permission to use his/her/business name, competition entry, likeness or comments for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • XHY Intelligence will not give out personal information submitted with competition entries.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social network. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to Sponsor.
  • With their contest entry, each participating team member agrees that the external contest jury, external consultants and participating external partners have no responsibility for the organization, administration and outcome of this competition.
  • Any other questions, comments or complaints regarding this contest must be directed to the contest Project Manager :