Smart Curtain/blinds Motor


Product introduction

1. Introduction?

The smart curtains/blinds motor is a smart device with a built-in ZigBee module.?It works as a ZigBee terminal added in the ZigBee network. Users can install a SparxSmart App on their iOS or?Android?platforms and?open/close curtains/blinds via 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi

2. Features

  • Support standard protocol IEEE802.15.4;
  • Open and close manually by pulling the curtains/ the cord;
  • Check the status of the curtain on App;
  • Can be programmed to open/closeat specific time and with specific width;

3. Application

The smart curtains/blinds motor can be applied at home, hotel?or other public spaces to open/close curtains/blinds remotely in a convenient way

4. Product Standard

Comply with the standard system of smart home

5. Certification

Comply?with 3C/FCC/CE/RoHS certification

6. Product Parameters

  • Appearance specification
Appearance Parameters
Size 23x 68x 52mm
Color milky white
Weight 1200g
  • Hardware specification
Item Hardware Specifications
Chipset CC2530F256
Button Connect to serverSet open/close at specific width

Set open/close direction

Wire connection AC100~240V, L input
Antenna Built-in 2.4 G PCB antenna
Wireless standard IEEE802.15.4
Wireless??output power 20dBm(max)
Wireless ?receiving sensitivity -97dBm(min)
Wireless ?coverage area 100m
  • Software specification
Item Software Specifications
Open/close curtains/blinds Open/close to preset width
Open and close manually by one slight pull
Control by APP on mobile phone/tablet
Firmware upgrade Upgrade firmware via the serial port

7. Product functions

l?Open and close manually by pulling the curtains/ the cord;
l?Open/close on the APP, and control it stop at preset width;
l?Can be programmed to scene modes (e.g. All On /All Off Modes, Home/Away Mode, On Duty/Off Duty Mode, etc.)

8. Product performance

Item Performance
ZigBee Performance To be tested
Reliability To be tested
Certification To be tested

9. Product requirements

Working Environment Requirement
Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~90%, Non-Condensing