Smart SOS Button


Product introduction

1. Introduction?

The smart SOS button is a smart device with a built-in ZigBee module.?The device is suitable for taking care of the elderly and kids. It can send SOS alert to the preset mobile numbers for help in case of hijack.

2. Application

The smart SOS is suitable for taking care of the elderly and kids. It sends a real-time location to the family, healthcare professionals

3. Product Standard

Comply with the standard system of smart home

4. Certification

Comply?with 3C/FCC/CE/RoHS certification

5. Product Parameters

  • Appearance specification
Appearance Parameters
Size 46.5×46.5×13.5mm
String size TBD
String color TBD
Shell Rubber, silicone, aluminum alloy
Weight 75g
  • Hardware specification
Item Hardware Specifications
Chipset CC2530F256
Button Press?SOS button to send alert.When SOS button is pressed, the?device?starts to connect to the server and the green light flashes twice.

It flashes three times when it is ready for working.

Indicator - When SOS is pressed, the red light starts to keep blinking until APP is restored?on mobile phone.
Battery 3V CR2025
Antenna Built-in 2.4 G PCB antenna
Wireless standard IEEE802.15.4
Wireless??output power 4.5dBm(max)
Wireless ?receiving sensitivity -97dBm(min)
Wireless ?coverage area 30m
  • Software specification
Item Software Specifications
APP Stop the alarm on the APP
Battery level detection Change new when battery power is low
Firmware upgrade Upgrade firmware via the serial port

6. Product functions

l?Trigger SOS alert when button is pressed
l?Stop the alarm on the APP. ( iOS/Android?)
l?Can be programmed to scene modes (e.g. Home/Away Mode, On Duty/Off Duty Mode, etc.)

7. Product performance

Item Performance
ZigBee Performance To be tested
Reliability To be tested
Certification To be tested

?Product requirements

Working Environment Requirement
Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~90%, Non-Condensing