Smart Multi-Sensor


Product introduction

1. Introduction?

The smart multi-sensor is a smart device with a built-in ZigBee module. The three built-in sensors are a light sensor, a motion sensor and a temperature & moisture sensor, which enable the device to detect night and daylight, movement within a certain distance and environment. The multi-sensor works as a ZigBee terminal added in the ZigBee network. End users can install a SparxSmart APP on their iOS or Android platforms and monitor their spaces via 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi

2. Features

  • Supports standard protocol IEEE802.15.4;
  • Infrared motion detection range 6 – 8 meters;
  • Alerts on mobile phones or tablets;
  • Connected chain actions to control the temperature and lights in your spaces.

3. Application

The multi-sensor can be applied at home, office for the purposes of security, temperature-moisture detection and light detection

4. Product Standard

Comply with the standard system of smart home

5. Certification

Comply?with 3C/FCC/CE/RoHS certification.

6. Product Parameters

  • Appearance specification
Appearance Parameters
Size 124 x 70 x 46 mm
Color Silver
Weight 160 g
  • Hardware specification
Item Hardware Specifications
Chipset CC2530F256
Button -The device is ready for being added in the system when you press the button for 6 seconds and the light flashes twice;-The light flashes three times indicating the network building succeed.
Photoresistor Detect light and distinguish day and night.
Indicator -The green light flashes twice indicating the device is ready for network building;-The green light flashes continuously when the device is alarming.
Battery 3V CR2
Antenna Built-in 2.4 G PCB antenna
Wireless standard IEEE802.15.4
Wireless output power 4.5dBm(max)
Wireless receiving sensitivity -97dBm(min)
Wireless coverage area 30m
  • Software specification
Item Software Specifications
Detection Of temperature and moisture
Of moving objects
Of day or night
Battery detection Remind users to replace the battery when it’s low.
Firmware upgrade Upgrade firmware via the serial port

7. Product functions

l?The temperature and moisture detected by the multi-sensor of your space can be displayed on the APP.
l?Abnormal movement alerts will be sent to your APP.
l?Can be added into the scene switch (e.g. home mode, away mode, etc.)

8. Product performance

Item Performance
ZigBee Performance To be tested
Reliability To be tested
Certification To be tested

9. Product requirements

Working Environment Requirement
Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~90%, Non-Condensing