Air quality monitor PM2.5 detector

PM2.5 detector

Product introduction

1.?Product Specification

PM2.5 refers to atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that has?a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers. It?is the air quality index around the world. There are more and more people paying attention to the air quality and healthcare. The smart PM2.5 detector?is a smart device with a built-in ZigBee module. The detector is to detect and display?the PM2.5 value. Users can monitor the value on their smart phones or tables in real time. The application is available on both iOS and Android?platforms. To protect your family, you can connect the detector to air purifier which will be activated?when the PM2.5 value reaches the threshold.

1. 1 Features

  • Support standard protocol IEEE802.15.4.
  • Support the scene that the air purifier will be activated when the PM2.5 value reaches threshold.
  • Sparx Smart application can be installed on a phone or a tablet to monitor the PM2.5 value in real time.

2. Application

The PM2.5 detector?can be applied at home?and?office for the purposes of lighting control.

3. Product Standard

Comply with the standard system of smart home.

4. Certification

Comply?with 3C/FCC/CE/RoHS certification.

5. Product Parameters

5.1 Appearance Specification

Appearance Parameters
Size 70?x 70?x 31?mm
Color Silver
Weight 132?g

5.2 Hardware specification

Item Hardware Specifications
Chipset CC2530F256
Button Press the button to monitor the PM2.5 value
Indicator On: PM2.5 value is being monitored.

Off: Standby

Monitoring object 1)?Atmospheric particulate matter, industrial dust

2)?Measuring range of PM2.5: 5-4000ug/m3

3)?Concentration?of PM2.5: 15%

Power input DC 5V adaptor, built-in rechargeable?lithium-ion battery

Micro USB

Working frequency 2.4 GHz
Testing method Intake air
Testing accuracy of PM2.5 15%
Antenna Built-in?2.4G antenna
Wireless standard IEEE802.15.4
Wireless output power 4.5dBm?(max)
Wireless receiving sensitivity -97dBm?(min)
Wireless coverage area 30m


5.3 Software Specification

Item Software Specifications
Detection function Monitor the PM2.5 values in real time and display them on the APP
Automatic?detection every ten minutes
Firmware upgrade Upgrade firmware via the serial port


6. Functions

l?Principle of testing: optical refraction for detecting the number of dust particles in the air
l?Air pollution index: 5 –?4,000; Resolution?0.001mg/m3
l?LED display, button, reset button, battery
l?Display PM2.5 value in real time


7. Product Performance

Item Performance
ZigBee Performance Index Comply with ETSI300 328 and EN301 489
Reliability High temperature?test

Low temperature?test

Vibration test

Drop test

Aging test

Certification CCC, CE


8. Product Requirements

8.1 User Interface Requirement

See the user interface of the Sparx Smart application.


8.2 Working Environment

Working Environment Requirement
Storage Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Humidity 0~90%, Non-Condensing