Smart Lock


Product introduction

1. Introduction?

The smart lock?is a smart device with a built-in ZigBee module. The device can replace normal locks used at home or other private and public places. Users can install a SparxSmart APP on their iOS or Android platforms to unlock/lock door via 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi.

2. Features

  • Support standard protocol IEEE802.4
  • Support5 methods to unlock/lock: App, fingerprint, password, keycard, keys.
  • Can unlock/lock on APPs ( Support iOS and Android)
  • Check status: open, close, alert, battery level
  • Support GPS navigation by voice, broadcast timekeeping, and real-time alert.

3. Application

The smart lock can be applied at home, office?or other public and private spaces

4. Product Parameters

  • Appearance specification
Appearance Parameters
Size 318.9×80.1×31.9mm
Color External: Champagne gold; Internal: Black
Weight 3500g
  • Hardware specification
Item Hardware Specifications
Chip CC2530F256
Lock by fingerprint Max: 100 fingerprints
Lock by password Yes
Lock by keycard Yes
Unlock by keys Yes
Working voltage 4.8~6.5V
Static current 20~70uA
Working current 70mA
Wireless?standard IEEE802.15.4
Wireless output power 4.5dBm(max)
Wireless receiving sensitivity -97dBm(min)
Wireless coverage range 30m
  • Software specification
Item Software Specifications
Connect to server Enter admin password to go to the admin management interface, and press 0 to start to connect?to the server. Then a voice prompt will tell you when the lock is added to the system.
Firmware upgrade Upgrade via the serial port
Record unlock data Record new password, new fingerprint, new keycard
Enter into record interface On APP
Inquire lock data Check data?recorded
Alert Intruder alarm, Lower power alert

5. Product functions

l?Five methods to unlock/lock: by APP, Password, Fingerprint, Keycard, Key.
l?Can unlock/lock door on APPs ( Support iOS and Android?platform )
l?Can be programmed to scene modes (e.g. Home/Away Mode, On Duty/Off Duty Mode, etc.)

6. Product requirements

Working Environment Requirement
Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~90%, Non-Condensing

7. Installation

Door thickness: door frame ≥110mm, 40mm≤door thickness≤120mm (Accessories?are needed if requirements can’t be matched.)