Smart Connect Module

smart connect module

Product introduction

1.?Product Specification

1.1.?Product Design


1.2.?Product Description

Smart connection module build in ZigBee wireless communication module and suit for smart home control.

As the ZigBee end devices added in ZigBee network, User can remote control switch of the relevant device , or receive state of relevant device via Smart Application (iOS, Android Version).

Smart connection module is used for remote turning switch or receiving state of devices, such as: Electric Fence, Sound and Light alarm, wired gas alarm, cable smoke alarm and etc.


1.3.?Product Feature

  • Smart Connection module build in ZigBee chip to connect devices with smart gateway through wireless. User can remote control devices’switch via Application, receiving state of devices by data DI/DO interface.
  • 12/24V DC power supply , support 12V output to supply power for connecting device (Using APP to turn on/off the power ) . Supporting to connect with sound and light alarm, supporting dry/wet node input, using optical isolation technology with high stability. ?This product is used for electric fence, wired gas detector, wired smoke detector etc. , receiving state of devices by data DI/DO interface. Alarm message was sent by smart connection module to Application.
  • One smart connection module is only for one device. User can change devices name via Application.
  • The 12V output time of smart connection module can be defined by APP, setting start time, end time or using time span .
  • Smart connection module is supported to linkage with other smart devices, e.g.: Smart door sensor, smart camera or motion detector etc..


1.4.?Product parameter

Items Parameter Backup
Model Number X3CM01
Product Name (Chinese) 智能节点模块
Product Name (English) Smart Connect Module
Size 48?x 48?x 20?mm
House material plastic
Weight 30g
ZigBee?standard IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee 2007/Pro
ZigBee Profile ZHA 1.2
ZigBee?device node type End device/ZED
Power 12-24V
Working distance >30m
RF?transmit power 4.5dBm(max)
Receive sensitive -97dBm(max)
Antenna type External 2.4G?antenna
Working environment -10?C ~ +50?C
Storage environment -20 ?C ~ +60?C
Humidity 0~90%?RH?(None condensing)
ESD?specification Contact discharge 4kV,Air discharge8kV
Package type Box PE bag inside


2.?Function specification


Meet IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee 2007/Pro?standard,RF2.4G ISM?frequency.

Communication channel: 16?pcs (11~26?channel No.)

Frequency range: 2400 ~ 2483 MHz

Data transmit speed: 250Kbit/s


2.2.?Work instruction

This product only have one blue indicate LED, state list as below:

Work Sate LED State Backup
Power on Light will be turned off after 1 second
Empty Pressing 6 seconds to reset
Add to network 1 Hz will blink twice when it addedto network successfully.



The product is powered by 12V DC and support ZigBee router function.本

2.4.?Added to network

Method: press reset button

Pressing reset button with 6 seconds, Smart connection module’s LED blinked twice and ready for adding to network.


2.5.?Software function

Software function Function description
Receiving and controlling state of devices Supporting to receive and control the state of devices, e.g: Electrical fence, wired smoke detector, gas detector and so on.


2.6.?Software upgrades

This product support OTA upgrades, software upgrades need serial port offline to burn ( The burning interface is ready in devices’?bottom).

Supporting to check the hardware and software version from Application.